I am new to the eBook scene. I love my hard copies and I never thought I would or could ever be into reading a book on a screen. This all changed with I got a Droid and discovered the Kindle app. I couldn't help myself when I saw all the free YA books! I now have an actual Kindle. (Well borrowing from my non-reading Momma-in-Law.)

ANYWAYS, I was shocked to find free books on there that I loved and they in returned changed my ideas on eBooks. Now everything I read is on my kindle. (Mainly because it is cheaper.)

But I thought I would share a few of the "free" books that are worth reading. I ended up buying the entire series after reading the first of these series!

This was a creepy series. Set in Scotland. Full of Ghosts and mystery. I loved it. I read it all back to back. 

I am waiting on the 4th and final chapter on this one. One big paranormal mystery series. 

Another promising series about angels. I really enjoyed the first and can't wait to continue on!


Sophia Lin said...

I got The Watchers as well (and the others... along with many). Apparently, I have the old cover, which looks terrible. I wish Kindle Apps could allow us to update covers if we chose... Dx
What can I say? I'm a free ebook hoarder, lol.

~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

Ashley Knapp said...

I am too! Mine is the old cover also. I just liked this one better so I chose to use it instead! ;)

Much more appealing!

I have so many free books that I want to get to but I keep buying others instead!

Bethan M x said...

I love reading free e-books on my kindle. I also read a lot of the classics on mine as these too are free.
If you're on twitter, I tend to find this a good place to find authors who have free e-books out (or at least discounted ones). They love it when you mention them.


My Full Bookshelf Reviews said...

Thank you for these! I am a free book addict, and am always looking for cheap new ebooks!

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