The Game by Shane Scollins

The Game
by Shane Scollins
Release Date: 03/13/13

Summary from Goodreads:
No matter where you are, they’ll find you, and put you in “The GAME”.

Candice Laguna’s life is being systematically dismantled, by an unknown force, for a reason she can’t imagine. But she is about to become the unwilling star of a reality gamecompetition the likes of which has never been broadcast to the world.

Just when things get darkest, a mysterious man snatches her from the grips of doom. He is a man who is not what he appears, and not who he says. He has no name and his motivation to help Candice is not what it seems to be.

THE GAME is a mystery/thriller with an unpredictable paranormal twist. It has action and adventure and plays up the everyday exploitation of reality television obsession gone wrong.

 My Rating and Review


First impressions, this cover is beautiful. It is what compelled me to sign up for the tour and to read this book!

This story is about Candice. She is your all-american girl. She's has a good job, sweet, and has never been in trouble. Suddenly she starts getting wierd phone calls in the middle of the night and her life is turned upside down

Candice is a likeable character. She seems so innocent in the beginning of the book, but then after her life flips, she wakes up to see true evil in it's finest. Through the course of the book Candice is put through a lot of challenges and events that will change her life forever, but she works through it. 

I thought this book was a good idea. I just felt like a few more chapters could have been devoted to the what the book works toward and I felt a little deprived without it.  This was far from bad. I didn't put it down the entire time I was reading it. Like I said before I just wish there was more of "the game" itself. 

If you like thrillers then read this! It is full of twists and turns, and is never dull. This review was just MY personal opinion and I feel like a lot of readers would really enjoy this book! 


About the Author
Shane Scollins is a freelance writer and author. Originally from New Jersey, he now resides in Upstate New York with his wife, Heather. He has worked as an automotive service manager, a website developer and a computer network engineer. Primarily a science fiction and paranormal novelist, Shane enjoys taking readers on surprising and unexpected journeys that twist reality. He is currently working on his next book.

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