Grishma by Kelly Anne Blount


Release Date: February 28th 2013
From Limitless Publishing


In the world of Necoh, everyone fears Grishma, a hideous murderous beast responsible for ruining or ending the lives of anyone who dare cross her.

As a young boy, Ryder lived with his family, deep in the caves underneath the Kadin Forest, unaware of the horrors of the world. His simple world was turned upside down one horrible night whenGrishma attacked his family, killing his father and kidnapping his mother and younger sister.

From that night on, Ryder devoted his life to killing Grishma. He tracked the monster from Necoh, to our world, and back again. Unfortunately, during his quest, he accidentally transported Brooklyn, a high school junior into his tumultuous world, where she is mistakenly identified as Princess Sophie, the missing princess of Sumner.

Days after Princess Sophie’s return,Grishma plots and manipulates the King into drugging and marrying off his only daughter to Prince Algid of Dratun. Desperate to save Brooklyn, who now believes she is the long lost princess, his mother, and his little sister, Ryder embarks on the deadliest part of his quest.

Will he save Brooklyn? Will she ever regain her memory? What will become of his mother and sister?

Through epic adventure, loss, and love,GRISHMA depicts the strength of the human spirit and the tight bonds formed by the unique creatures of Necoh.

My Review and Rating!


This was a surprisingly good read. I enjoyed the story from start to finish. The book does not leave you bored and keeps you turning the page to find out what happens next. 

The story takes us to the world Necoh. The world painting the author creates is wonderful. It almost reminds me of a world like that of the Labyrinth or The Never Ending Story. The characters we meet are all different types of critters and beings. They each have their own story and original personalities and it is interesting to watch how the author uses them together and the chemistry they create. 

The main female character is Brooklyn. She gets drawn into action on accident. She is likeable and grows throughout the book. She goes from caring about mostly herself and fitting in to caring about a whole other world of "people" other than then her own. She is goes through a lot in the course of this novel, but she goes from being scared to becoming a strong character in her own right. 

 The main male character is Ryder. He has one main goal to get rid of the evil monster, Grishma. Because of this monster he has lost his family and had to leave his home.  He has devoted his life to stopping anymore evil deeds being done. Only in his quest he gets Brooklyn added to the equation. I liked Ryder a lot. He is determined and brave. He is very passionate and caring about those who help him and are part of his life and world. 

This is a very fun fantasy novel. It keeps you reading and is easy to follow. I was entertained the entire time and hope this is only the first in the adventure of Necoh!

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About the Author

I’m an avid writer by night and an Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) teacher by day. Through my work as a teacher, I am able to closely examine human behavior and tell made up stories on a regular basis. Both of these skills come in handy when I sit down to write my novels!

When I’m not at work or writing, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our five furry rescues (four cats and one dog), my friends, and of course my family!

What I Like...
Reading: I read just about anything, but my favorite genre is young adult fantasy. I’m a huge fan of Amanda Hocking, Cornelia Funke, Suzanne Collins, Brandon Mull, and Harlan Coben.

Movies: The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, and Elf.

Musicians: I listen to anything from hip hop to reggae!

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