After three years in Boston attending college, Mallory Wells has come home to Casper, Maine to care for her father, who is dying from cancer. She left Casper without looking back, leaving her small-town life and everyone in it, behind. Including her sexy high school sweetheart. 

Luke Bates was devastated when Mallory left him for the city life. He managed to pull himself together and move on, even if only just barely. When Mallory shows up in town, Luke vows to stay away from her at all costs. So why does he keep checking in on her and her father, showing up when he's clearly uninvited? Maybe Luke isn't as 'over her' as he thought.

 3.5 / 5
 This book was an interesting read. It is a story about Mallory who returns home after finding out her father is dying of cancer. It is such a sad topic in general, because unfortunately we all see this all too often. 

This book was a compelling read. I read it in less then a day. It was a good story with a lot of promise. I liked all 7 of the main characters that are involved with the storyline.  I thought they was very individual and easy to believe

I relate to our main character, Mallory. I am from a small town and know what it's like to want to get out to something bigger and better. I understand her need to attend college in Boston. I went straight to a university to escape. I also relate to "coming home". "Big City life" is too much for most of us "small town folk."  I liked Mallory for the most part. I did feel like she was a little shallow for my taste. I felt like she was more concern over herself then devoted to being with her father and her father, himself in his last moments. Besides that she was not a bad main character.

My favorite character by far is Luke. He is just an all-around-good guy. He is very likeable, and a guy that us girls fall for every time. He is a very loyal character , and devoted to Mallory's father though they have not been together for years. To me, he felt like a real, genuine person. 

All in all, this was a good light read. There are just a few things that made me give it a 3.5/5. I felt like we weren't always given the details we needed to give the story the depth that I would have liked it to have. Also, it ends very quickly, and I am left wondering how it worked out. I understand this is going to be a trilogy, but I still wanted more for the closing of Mallory and Luke's story.

I would recommend this for a light summer read. It's not bad, I just wanted more depth to it's entirety. 

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