Top Ten Tuesday #2

This week is a Freebie! That means my pick!  I've had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do, but I FINALLY decided!

I am going to my favorite characters of all time. (If it is in the same series I am just counting them as one.) Not very original, but hey I think it is fun! :)
~covers are link to their Goodreads page~

1. Anne Shirley
Anne of Green Gables  
 L. M. Montgomery

I feel in love with Anne was a kid. I think mainly it started as we both have red hair type of thing. As I have grew older, I just love her and what she embodies. I love how she always has her head in the clouds. She always is so dramatic. She is such a passionate character.  I always say don't forget the H in my middle name, Nichole, like the E in Anne. :)

 2. Rose Hathaway
The Vampire Academy series
Rachelle Mead

Rose is just kick ass. She is so loyal to the people she loves and will stop at nothing to protect them. I read where a lot people can't stand her, but I don't get it! I love how quick she is is to anger and her wittier moments. She is another character who is just so passionate. Did I mention she is kick ass?

3. James and Anthony Mallory
The Mallory Brothers series
 Johanna Lindsey

I feel in love with the Mallory brothers in High school and last summer when I read the rest of the books in the series I wasn't ready for it to be over.  These two and well the whole dang family are just hilarious. The witty banter. The protectiveness of the men.  They are quick to anger, but their wives keep them in line. I just love them. If you read romance and haven't read these then DO IT. I love, love, love them!

4. Mary Boleyn
The Other Boleyn Girl
Philippa Gregory

I love watching Mary going from trying to please everyone else to learning to please herself. She would do anything to protect her children and she is willing to gamble everything on the ones she loves. She is another very loyal and passionate character. She is thrown to the wolves at a very young age and she grows to be a remarkable and strong young woman. (Nothing like the character in the movie "based" on this book.)

5. Savannah 
Kellie Sheridan
 Savannah has went through hell so far in her life. She has survived the Zombie outbreak and saw her parents die in it. She is just such a strong character who grows throughout the book. She is willing to do whatever it takes when it comes to doing the right thing. She starts to think of helping mankind in general over helping herself. She is another very loyal character who is does everything in her power to protect the ones she loves.

6. Riley Williams
The MacKinnon Curse series
J. A. Templeton 

I just really liked Riley. She has to keep her ability secret. She is strong in her own way and she becomes so much stronger throughout the course of the series. She is such a determined character and she is driven to figure out how to protect her family and friends. She learns from her mistakes and is willing to sacrifice herself for her loved ones. 

7. Pippi 
Pippi Longstocking

Another Childhood favorite. Another red head. I mean how do you not love Pippi and the adventures her and her friends go on. Her house mates are a spotted horse and monkey! I love the spirit of Pippi and how she makes everything fun.
Even though she is having fun she is always looking out for Tommy and Annika. Plus she has an awesome hair-do and style. 

8. Brooke Wright
Going Under
S. Walden    

Brooke is just an amazing character. She goes through more than what any young woman should and remains strong throughout it. She has a goal and she is driven to accomplish it. To me, I just was amazed at her throughout the book. She is afraid but fights through her fears to protect other girls she doesn't even know from a horrible fate.

9.  Juliette de Clement
Storm Winds
Iris Johansen

Juliette is a remarkable character. She sees more then she should and has to learn to rise above it. She is a survivor and she is also a protector of those she holds dear. She does not take light of her promises and does everything in her power to accomplish them. 
She has to grow fast in this book and overcome so many obstacles. She is a very interesting character and reading her story in French Revolution times is a remarkable one.

10. Kaliope
Of Silver And Beasts
Trisha Wolfe

Kaliope is a new favorite for me. She is another kick ass and take names type character. She is a fighter and a leader. She is loyal to her friends, family, and the queendom. She would gladly lay down her life to protect any of her loved ones. In this first book in the series she has to figure out how to use what she is afraid of to do just that. She is just such a passionate and driven character that there is really nothing to left to hate!

I hope you enjoyed my list! Now what are your own top tens this week?
Leave a comment and I will check them out! I love me so blog love! :)


Camila said...

I love Rose! But I think I love Sydney I bit more..

Eveline dV said...

Love your Top Ten:) Rose is a really great character!

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Susan said...

Fun topic! I loved Anne Shirley as a kid and I still adore everything about her. She's such an endearing character! I also loved Pippi Longstocking -- I should re-read those books now that I'm an adult. Thanks for the idea!

Michelle said...

Cool topic!! I love the sounds of Going Under. I guess they changed the cover for it bc it used to be a girl sitting on a diving board in just her bikini bottoms. I think I liked that cover better, but I still want to read the book sometime soon! I'm glad you liked the book, I haven't seen many bloggers who have read it.

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auntadadoom said...

Great idea for a topic. I did books about people who read -- and you bet Anne Shirley made the list!

Dragana Mitrovic said...

I loved both Anne and Rose. I haven't read the rest of the books on your list, but as I said, your top two are awesome choices.
Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

Natalie Natflixandbooks said...

Awww. Pippi and Anne. Love those girls. I still need to read the Vampire Academy series. I've heard so many good things. Great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I followed back. :)
-Natalie @Natflix&Books

Cayce said...

Anne Shirley - <3333
Thanks for the follow, following you back now! :)

Morgan said...

I haven't read any of these!! I know, What a shame!!
New follower :)

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