Books Into Movies.

My husband and I went and saw World War Z this weekend. I thought movie was pretty good, but I see a lot of people hating on it because it is not exactly like the book. I think it it was not done the way it was the movie might have been a tad too long and maybe rather boring on screen. There is going to be a second one and I do hope that they make it like the book in regards to a completely new character and their story. I am done Brad Pitt's Gerry. His story is told. They use the events as we are told and the lingo. All in all it was not bad at all.

What I am getting to.....

 I guess what you would call a pet peeve of mine is people and their talking about the book vs. movie thing. Instantly the movie is hated because it is not identically to a book. Personally, I hate sitting through 3+ hour movies, so I definitely understand why not everything makes the cut.

I guess when I go see a book into a movie, I really try to keep an open mind. I don't try to compare the actors to the characters, because let's be honest. None of us reads the same way. The characters of a book are going to look different to every reader. It's a matter of imagination. The may not be how you pictured them, but to someone else they might be perfect.

What throws me off is huge changes in the plot. For example. The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. One of my absolutely favorite books. I have read probably 30+ times. So yes I knew by heart. I drug my mom and sister to the theater to see that one with me. Sure the movie was good, but it should have said INSPIRED by and not based on. They are two completely different stories with just the basics in common. I just can't hate the movie though. I would say try to look at the books into movies as two entities. Two different interpretations of the story, by two completely different people.

I also do not like when they take out characters or change little details that would not have taken up anymore time, but was important to the story. Hunger Games is what I think of with this. I thought the movie was not a bad adaption, but  I hated that they took out Madge and how Catniss actually got the pin. Rue's death was another one that I didn't like. I know how they filmed it made it more dramatic, but the original was better. There are several little things that should have remain the way they originally were. The movie was still good though.

 I guess what I am trying to say is don't just hate the movie. Consider it first. Go into it with an open mind and remember they can not film thoughts and who wants to watch a person talk to themselves for two hours. If it is nothing like it's namesake then consider it as its own. Sometimes the movie is not as bad as it first appears.

 PS. The Twilight book into movie is an exception to me. I read the books as they came out and liked the series ok, but when we went and saw the first movie. I was over it. Come on. Lets make lines so cheesy, you want to vomit and pick actors so horrible you hope they change the plot and kill them off. I guess the movie killed the books for me.


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Tina Van Dyn Hoven said...

Great post! I agree with you; generally the book is better, but I try not to judge it too much. Plus I always usually love the movie, even if it is a little different. (:

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