There's no such thing as happy endings.

Savannah, Georgia is rumored to be the most haunted place in America. Quinn Roberts knows it is. She's felt the presence of spirits her entire life, investigating and photographing them with her best friend. Only none of those encounters ever turned violent, until now. The menacing darkness feeding off her stepmother has promised she won't live to see her eighteenth birthday.

After a chance meeting Quinn reluctantly allows actor Jason Preston into her life, which has complications of its own. She's not used to letting people get close. Falling for him while fighting for her life, and her family's legacy, only complicates things more. Jason shows her exactly what she stands to lose, especially when she's being attacked by the mysterious entity. Each attack is more violent and terrifying than the last.

With Jason's help, she dives into the Roberts' family history, searching for a link between a woman who went missing a hundred and fifty years ago and what's happening now. What they find is a brutal murder and that the ghost doesn't just want to hurt Quinn, it wants revenge.

It wants her life.



This was such a surprising book! It is charming, fun, and even downright creepy at times! I sat down and read this straight through. The story is set in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. The plot plays with Cinderella, well there are similarities and the characters even comment on it many times. It takes nothing away from this book, it just makes it even more intriguing. 

Our MC, Quinn, is a lot of fun to read about. She has been through so much in her life and has remain such a strong, young woman through it all. We learn the story of her home and her ancestries, and how both is coming back to flip her life upside down even more then it already is! She is quirky and is not willing to let anyone get hurt because of her, even if they have treated her horribly. 

This was just a great read. Definitely take a look at this one. I, for one, can not wait to read the next in the series. It is such an original and entertaining read with some romantic and ghostly parts intermixed! Don't miss out!


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