Prodigal by Rektok Ross

It was supposed to be Lexy Quinn’s year.

The hard-working wallflower has finally landed the coveted spot as Editor of her school’s newspaper. Then the rug is ripped out from under her when she finds out her mom is sick, and the family is moving half-way across the country to Preston Hills, Texas. Lexy can’t think of a worse place to be than at a school full of snobby rich kids where she’ll have to start all over to get people to notice her writing, or–who is she kidding?—notice her at all.

When the most swoon-worthy boy in town, who also happens to be the jock celebrity quarterback, gives her an exclusive interview, Lexy’s life takes an unexpected turn. Ash Preston is the perfect guy and, even better, he sees Lexy as she wants to be seen. But can she trust him? 


This book really surprised me. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it or not, but, let me tell you, once I started I could not put it down! It surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. 

The story does have a little bit of talk about God, church, and the bible, but even if you don't enjoy religious fiction this one is great. It does not "preach" at you at all. To me it was something that helped our main character grow and deal with her problems in her in life. It is not in your face or anything like that. It is just part of the who the characters are. 

The characters are all believable. Each one is like someone we all knew in our high school days. 

Our main character, Lexy, is a lot of fun to read about. She goes through a lot in this book and she learns from some and grows as a person with all of them. She is a nerd, but she is not geeky. I would say she is created like such a real seventeen year old girl that all of us can relate to when we were that age. 

The only thing I did not like would be the ups and downs of Lexy and Ash's relationship. It just took a little to long to pan out and was a little up and down too much for me, but like I said once I started this book I couldn't stop because I had to know what was going to happen! 

Over all this was a great read. I would recommend this to others. It does have some "religious talk," (I feel silly for writing that, but I am not sure how else to put it.) but it does not preach to the reader. It is just spun as part of who the characters are and what they stand for. It is a wonderful love and life story! Check it out for yourself!


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