Top Ten Tuesday #5

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/meme created and hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they post a new topic and you create your own list for it! 

I am going to cheat this week and do last week's topic instead, because I did not have time to get to it!

SO, my list this week is:

Top Ten Worst/Best Movie Adaptions

  1. The Notebook
I have to be honest. Loved the movie more than the book. I found the book to be boring and I love the details they put into the movie.

                          2. Harry Potter Series                      
  I did not think they did a bad job. I enjoyed the movies as much as the books and they didn't change too much around or take out too much either.

3. The Host
The book and movie are very similar. I thought they did a great job casting and with the setting. They caught all of the important stuff. 

4. The Other Boleyn Girl
Should not have been considered based on the book. I love the movie, but it does not have much more then the huge events in common with the book, and the story line and characters were changed far more than I could handle.

5. Lord of the Rings
I have only made it through The Fellowship of the Rings, myself. Even though they left a lot out. These movies were AMAZING.

6. The Hunger Games
I thought they did a decent job. I felt let down some, as I felt there were little things that they took out that would not have taken any longer to include and would have made the movie more true to the book.

7. World War Z
I say it was ok. The include the major events and lingo. This one is hard to judge, but I thought they did a good job depicting how the book is written. I am excited to see how they do the next movie.

8. Pride and Prejudice
I love this version. It is not completely like the book, but  it is filmed beautifully and really shows the time period. Oh Mr. Darcy.
9.  The Chronicles of Narnia
This another one where I liked the movie better then the book. I just love all the added details and how they brought the world to life even more then the book does.

10. Twilight
I saved the best for last. I AM JUST KIDDING. I did actually not mind the books.. until the movies. I remember going to the midnight showing and almost dying at how awful and cheesy it was. I don't have to say what is all bad about this. I am sure you already know. 

And that's my list for the week! Thanks for stopping by! What do you think?


Michelle said...

Totally agree about Twilight... but I actually thought the books were better than the movies (and I disliked the books A LOT). The Notebook and The Harry Potter movies are some of my favs. And I really liked The Hunger Games movie, but didn't read the book.


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