Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick

Inner beauty wants out.

When eighteen-year-old Becky Randle’s mother dies, she’s summoned from her Missouri trailer park to meet Tom Kelly, the world’s top designer. He makes her an impossible offer: He’ll create three dresses to transform Becky from a nothing special girl into the most beautiful woman who ever lived.

Becky thinks Tom is a lunatic, or that he’s producing a hidden camera show called World’s Most Gullible Poor People. But she accepts, and she’s remade as Rebecca. When Becky looks in the mirror, she sees herself – an awkward mess of split ends and cankles. But when anyone else looks at Becky, they see pure five-alarm hotness.

Soon Rebecca is on the cover of Vogue, the new Hollywood darling, and dating celebrities. Then Becky meets Prince Gregory, heir to the British throne, and everything starts to crumble. Because Rebecca aside, Becky loves him. But to love her back, Gregory would have to look past the blinding Rebecca to see the real girl inside. And Becky knows there’s not enough magic in the world.

A screamingly defiant, hugely naughty, and impossibly fun free fall past the cat walks, the red carpets, and even the halls of Buckingham Palace, Gorgeous does the impossible: It makes you see yourself clearly for the first time.

 I don't know how I feel about this book. There were parts I liked, and then more I didn't. I am not even sure how to explain my feelings in words, because I am so mixed.

 There were times when this reminded me of the movie, "Shallow Hal." I know this is a satire, but I just did not enjoy it or find it as hilarious as other reviewers. I almost put this book down several times. It borders on ridiculous a lot of the time.

Our main character's mother is fat. Ok, so what right? Well over and over it is talked about how pretty she was before, and I felt like she was made out to be less of a person because she was obese.

Then let's talk about Becky, herself. She leads a dull life ( and is evidently ugly) until she offered three dresses to make her beautiful. After she wears the first one, she becomes famous and loved. Often it is talked about how being beautiful is the only thing that matters.

Also, I hated the best friend. Her stupid actions and to not being a friend at all to Becky. Then her language. I felt like she laid the F bomb every other word, and it was just beyond annoying.

Then the book takes a better approached. To be loved for ones self instead of looks. That is the only redeeming quality in this book.

I have read a lot of reviews that thought this was funny, and charming. I, honestly, spent the entire time finding it dumb and it is not one that leaves a lasting impression on me. I would not recommend this to others. I guess I just missed the joke and the point of this one.


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