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Each week we get a topic for a new top ten list!

My list this week is:
Top Ten Book Related Things I am thankful for!

This week I am just going to have fun with it. This list might be a little random, but you know it has just been one of those days so I am just going with it!

I am thankful for:

1. The Catching Fire Movie following the book so well!  I went and saw it this weekend and I am still excited over the fact they did so well with it!

2.  Rose saving Dimitri. Life would have been incomplete without this!

3. Gale being a A-hole! I guess I have Hunger Games on the brain, but seriously, I hated Gale from the beginning and I cheered his downfall!

4. Harry Potter defeating He Who Must Not Be Named. Need I say anymore?

5. The Vampire Diaries TV series being nothing like the books! I love the show, but the books are like reading books about high school students for the twelve year old.

6. The Divergent Series being over. I loved the first and felt eh about the second, and wished I would have just stopped at the first with the third.  

7. That my parents didn't have the option of unwinding me like in Shusterman's Unwind. I mean, that would seriously have sucked if they could and have wanted to.

8.  That Daemon Black made aliens sexy instead of creepy for me. I put off reading the book forever just because he was an alien and I can't handle aliens. I missed the entire section of deep sea life in a class at college just because the critters look like walking aliens. seriously.

9. That we live in a world where we have plenty of water to do what we want with. With how brutal not a drop to drink is, all I can say is no thanks!

10. That I can go on so many great adventures from the comfort of my couch. We all love the fighting, near deaths, romances, and journeys that our books take us. It's the best part of reading!


Chrissi Reads said...

Great choices Ashley :-) I love going on many adventures from my couch too.

Doris said...

Amazing list! I forgot to include my family/dogs on my list because I was too busy fangirling over a certain TV show that I'm thankful for and now I feel silly!


Doris @ OABR

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